Hello Barbie – Mattel set to launch first interactive talking Barbie


She’s certainly had her fair share of criticism, but Barbie has stood the test of time. And she’s now getting a high-tech revamp that’s set to ensure she remains a childhood favourite into the future.

While I often can’t remember what I did yesterday, I can remember clear-as-day the Christmas I unwrapped my first Barbie – Peaches & Cream. I’d spend hours mimicking her voice as we pretend shopped, styled our hair and swapped secrets. Our children are certainly living in a different world, one where they will not only be able to talk to their Barbie dolls – Barbie will talk back.

But the hype surrounding Hello Barbie isn’t just that she can talk. It’s that she can listen. She has speech recognition technology, so she can respond to questions. But that’s not all. She can even learn – and then use the information later. For example your child wants to be a doctor, she will remember that and use it in later conversations. We’re not quite sure if this feature is brilliant or a little creepy!

The prototype was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, and here’s what she sounds like:

Mattel has reportedly indicated that Hello Barbie will be able to tell jokes, play games and over time will adapt to her owner.

The word is that Hello Barbie will need to be connected to Wi-Fi and recharged after an hour of playtime, or she can also be played with in her recharging station. She is set to go on sale later this year, and retail for US$74.99. Our guess is she is going to be on many children’s Christmas wishlist this year!

(via Inhabitots)

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