Height charts that last until adulthood? Sure thing!

home made height chart

studio 1am measure me stick

It might be hard to picture when you’re cradling that tiny newborn in your arms but children grow up quicker than you can ever imagine. Babyology reader Cait emailed us asking about height charts taller than the standard 150cm as she wants to track her children’s height beyond mid-childhood to pinpoint the exact moment when they reach their full adult height! We set out to help her and maybe you can help too.

I must say this enquiry had me stumped and that’s when I take it to the team who never fail to come up with some amazing finds. Here’s the beautiful Measure Me Stick from Studio 1A.M. which comes in a choice of either red or yellow for US$120. It looks just like a spruced up old-style ruler and goes up to 214cm.

measure me stick studio 1a.m.

At US$1465 the Metro Runner sits in pipe dream territory for most, plus it is actually a wool carpet runner so couldn’t be marked with the children’s heights. It’s a novel idea to take regular photos against it though!

Looking at our past content, here is the I’m As Big As… height chart and at just £9.99, it’s an economical option.

home made height chart

If you’re the handy type, take some inspiration from the I’m Topsy Turvy blog and make your own!

Now we need some help from our readers too – have you come across any groovy growth charts that will last until adulthood? Let us know!

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