Healthy humidity in your baby’s nursery – why does it matter?

Baby, it’s cold outside. We’re all rugged up, heaters on and fires roaring – which leads to the perfect dry conditions for viruses like the flu to flourish. If you’ve ever wondered why you need a humidifier in your home, and in particular your baby’s nursery, here’s everything you need to know.

Living down in one of Australia’s southern states, I tend to have the central heating bumped up to tropical levels for a good three months of the year. Often this means there are itchy eyes and dry throats in our home, which is why we invested in a humidifier. But I had no idea that keeping your home at an optimal humidity level of about 40 to 50 per cent may actually help keep illnesses at bay.

Why does humidity in the home matter?

Keeping your home at a healthy humidity level can help your kids breathe more comfortably, allows to optimal lung function and helps keep the nose and throat moist. It may also play a role in reducing the ability of viruses in the air to survive on surfaces.

We’re about to get a bit technical here, but it’s a great way to demonstrate how humidity can actually help keep your home healthy. According to the laws of thermodynamics, cold air is able to carry less water vapour before it reaches the dew point and falls as rain. That means that in winter and spring when it’s wetter outside, the air is actually drier because it’s losing its moisture. Increasing research indicates it’s these dry air conditions that can help viruses spread.

How can humidity help?

Despite our best efforts, kids still get sick, so we need to try to make them as comfortable as possible. Creating a good balance of humidity in your home, and in your baby’s nursery, may help ease cold and flu symptoms. Moist air may help kids to breathe more easily and get enough relief to be able to sleep soundly.

Vicks has a couple of great options for adding much-needed moisture to the air in your home – and they’re perfect for kids’ rooms. The Vicks Starry Night Humidifier has an automatic moisture balance system which creates a fine mist. This model is great for larger rooms when it’s on maximum level, or you can switch it to sleep mode for smaller rooms or when you want it a little quieter.

vicks humidifier

Here’s why it’s perfect for the nursery – it has a gorgeous Starry Night Projector to help soothe little ones to sleep (very much needed when they’re not feeling the best!).

vicks humidifier2

The Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier is a great option for smaller rooms like nurseries. It’s a really low-maintenance option, with no filters – just fill and off it goes. The mist it emits is visible, so you can see that it’s working, and you can control the flow with the turn of a dial. For more tips on how to tackle cold and flu season, take a look at these handy tips from Vicks.

(This is a sponsored post for Vicks)

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