Health scare for ‘miracle baby’ Abigail as parents celebrate milestone they never thought she’d see

Abigail, the beautiful baby girl born with Down syndrome who stole all our hearts as she defied the odds – and the expectation of doctors – by surviving a brain tumour, is facing a new health battle.

The little poppet that the whole world fell in love with has been in hospital again after falling ill this week, her parents have revealed. Doctors suspect she may have pneumonia and are running tests to try and work out what is wrong. It’s an unexpected blow for the family, who had been celebrating six months with their special girl.


“Last night was long, Abigail was very uncomfortable with this horrendous cough and belly issues. Early morning, her numbers looked better but she didn’t look so great, very weak and lethargic,” mum Erika Jones wrote on Facebook earlier today.


The Florida family won hearts around the world after sharing a beautiful family photo shoot of what they believed were precious moments of their newborn daughter’s last days. Then came the joyous, almost unbelievable news that baby Abigail’s brain tumour was not cancerous.

abigal 6 months 2

The latest health scare came this week, shortly after the Florida family celebrated Abigail’s half birthday – a milestone that they never thought they would see. But even though she is sick, this little sweetheart still manages to charm everyone around her with a smile.

“Glad she felt well enough to smile for us! Thank you for the prayers!.” Erika wrote, sharing this darling photo from the hospital emergency room on the Facebook page Abigail’s Joy.

abigail update4

The unexpected hospital stay came shortly after Erika and husband Stephen revealed how their Abigail had  bounced back to be happy, healthy and a bundle of energy.

“Happy six months to sweet Abigail! Such a blessing to us every single day. We love you!” say her parents, who still can’t quite believe how lucky they are to have their girl in their lives.

“At six months, Abigail is getting stronger every day and is exploring the world around her,” says Erika.

“She smiles when being sung to and laughs when you tickle the back of her neck. She wants to lick and munch on everything, especially her hands and thumb!

“She loves her big sister, being outside, constant snuggles, and bouncing on mummy’s legs. She’s working hard on head and neck control, pushing up during tummy time, using her right hand, rolling over and sitting.”

abigail update3

Erika says she hopes Abigail will make continued progress in gross and fine motor skills and there will be further improvements with the vision of her right eye and her hearing.

“I have no words for the joy this little miracle brings to our family. So thankful to spend my days with her!”, she says.

abigail update2

Last month Abigail officially graduated out of PedsCare, the hospice and palliative care program in Jacksonville.

“This amazing team has been with us since pregnancy and has seen this story unfold,” says Erika.

“We are forever grateful for all they have done for our family. Just seeing our social worker brought the whole range of emotions flooding back.

“This is such a rarity, to get out of hospice. Breaks my heart to hear how busy they are, how many new families have had to call on them. Most of which will not graduate out.”

(images via Facebook)

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