“He melts my heart” – Megan Gale shares rare photo of her son, River

Megan gale

Gasp! Megan Gale just shared a beautiful portrait of her son River and everyone on Instagram is going a little bit nuts over it.

It’s fair to say that Shaun Hampson and Megan Gale have had their hands very full of late. They’re juggling individual careers, two kids, jaunts about the place and have just opened a new cafe together – Ascot Food Store – in Melbourne’s inner-west.

In the midst of all this, Megan took some time to give us a special peek at how the family does “down time”.

“This one just stops me in my tracks”

“If you follow me on insta you’d know I rarely post photos of my son,” Megan posted, “but I was going through our holiday photos and this one just stops me in my tracks every time. He melts my heart!”

Alongside this caption, she shared a beautiful photo of three-year-old River.

It’s true that this model and mum-of-two approaches posting images of her kids with care, and it’s very reminiscent of fellow mama Kate Ritchie. They both MOSTLY share images of their kids profiles only, or shots where they’re otherwise a little bit obscured. And they both seem a little conflicted at times, about the wisdom of sharing photos at all.

Last night’s shot of River is quite different from Megan’s usual kid pics, perhaps because it’s so intimate, an off-guard portrait of a very relaxed kiddo.

It was captured during the family’s recent trip to Fiji, hence the sun-kissed, beachy vibes. It’s plain to see that Megan’s very proud of her little guy – and is keen to celebrate how special he is with her fans.

“River Handsome”

Not surprisingly, the famous and non-famous mums of Instagram were also proud of River. In fact, they found their hearts were melting too!

“River Hampson? RIVER HANDSOME MORE LIKE IT!!! Zzzzzing!” Zoe Foster Blake quipped.

The aforementioned Kate Ritchie went a little bit to pieces; “Oh my. What a divine little man you’ve made.”

Others commented on River’s lovely features, and the fact that he’s the perfect pint-sized combination of his gorgeous mum and dad – AFL player Shaun Hampson. So. True.

“So blessed”

Megan and Shaun are parents to River – and his baby sister Rosie. Rosie arrived three months ago, and we’ve been catching little glimpses of this famous family-of-four ever since, via their social media channels.

“Our darling little bun came out of the oven earlier this week. Sweet little soul,” Megan wrote, shortly after Rosie’s birth. “You are already so blessed. Healthy as can be with a family that has fallen head over heels in love with you. A big brother that is already so attentive and protective, (who has also handled all these big changes like a boss) a Dad who is so smitten with you and that you already have firmly wrapped around your little finger.”

“I’m so committed to being the absolute best mother, friend and role model for you. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mama, my darling girl.”

Glad to see we’re not the only ones dying of the cute, with this down-to-earth and very gorgeous family.

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