Having kids puts a pause on our love of popular music


It’s no surprise that once we have kids much of our musical playlist becomes dedicated to The Wiggles. But it may surprise you to learn that no matter what age you were when you had your children, your penchant for popular music went out the window. 

A bunch of data from music streaming service Spotify has been crunched, revealing what we prefer to listen to once we become parents.

The study was undertaken by Spotify’s “taste profiles” product owner Ajay Kalia – which is used to decipher people’s taste in music based on what they’re listening to.

By finding users who had started listening to large amounts of children’s music, he was able to deduce that they had probably become parents, and therefore monitor how their musical tastes changed.


What the study found was that, “users at every age with kids listen to smaller amounts of popular music than the average listener. Put another way, becoming a parent has an equivalent impact on your “music relevancy” as ageing about four years”. Ouch!

So, Babyologists – has your musical taste changed since becoming parents? What did you listen to before kids – and what do you listen to now?

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