Little Hotdog Watson – clever hats that help kids keep their cool when the sun comes out

At the risk of oversharing, every time we go to the park on a hot day my son ends up with a sweaty head. It’s not that he’s particularly hot-headed (although he is that at times), it’s just that the hats he wears don’t allow for enough airflow and he ends up too warm. 

Enter hats from Little Hotdog Watson. 

The thing that first gets you about the hats from Little Hotdog Watson is that they look like they’re proud of being hats (as they should be!) They’re not the kind of hats that let your kids blend into the background. With bright colours and funky patterns, not only are they a lot of fun, but if your child likes to wander off, the hats are also a really good way of spotting them in the crowd. 

little hotdog watson 3

Once you look past the great designs though, the best thing about the hats are the innovations that have been built into them. As a mother with porcelain skinned kids, the fact that all hats offer UPF50+ (which is the highest level of protection from UV rays) is a big plus. On top of that, they’re also made from what the makers call ‘Goldilocks Fabric’, a smart fabric that is designed to keep little heads at the perfect temperature. Apparently it’s a space certified technology that was created for astronauts. Just in case, you need another really cool fact to drop into conversation with the other mums and dads at the park. 

hotdog watson 2
My favourite innovation though is probably ‘Buzz Off’. My son hates mosquitoes and flies with such a passion that he occasionally chases them to scare them as far away as possible (I’m not sure if he gets that logic from me or his father). According to this innovation, the hats have a citronella mix repeller finish in the fabric, designed to keep the buzzies away. 

little hotdog watson 4

The Lollipop Jungle collection currently on offer from Little Hotdog Watson boasts six different styles of hat: Cub, Pioneer, Adventurer, Explorer, Trailblazer and Globetrotter, available in a range of cool designs. To make sure they actually fit, the hats are sized (starting at 0-6 months and running up to 3-5 years). Prices start at £19.99, and the hats are available over at Little Hotdog Watson

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