Harry Potter themed sibling photoshoot made magical with a mini Mandrake

Every budding Harry Potter needs a screeching Mandrake. That is exactly what three-year-old Sebastian Oldfield got, but in the form of a baby brother.

And we’ve got the adorable pictures to prove it.

Putting a baby into a pot for a newborn photo shoot is nothing new. We’ve seen countless newborn photo shoots where bub is placed in a gardeny-typed object (a plant, a watering jug, a bed of flowers).

But we’ve never stumbled across a photo shoot quite like this one.

harry potter baby4

US couple Jesse and Katherine Oldfield have always been massive Harry Potter enthusiasts and even staged a Hogwarts-inspired photo shoot two years ago when their son, Sebastian, was eight months old (complete with a Quidditch broom, a stack of Harry Potter books and baby Sebastian sporting some impressive dark rimmed glasses while sitting in a treasure chest).

harry potter baby2

But, as any Harry Potter fan knows, one is never enough and this time around, they incorporated their newborn son, Theodore into the scene.

The inspiration behind this particular Hogwarts shoot stems from a screeching Mandrake, a special type of perennial plant. As featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a Mandrake, when its roots are unearthed, has the power to knock anyone out for hours with its sounds. A fully grown Mandrake has a screech that can be fatal.

Well, in Harry Potter land at least. The only thing you’re likely to die from here is sheer cuteness.

harry potter baby1

With Sebastian playing Harry Potter, Theodore took on the role of the screeching Mandrake and he certainly nailed it. There was no potting around with Theo, who was able to let out a fierce scream just in time for photographer Kelsey Clouse, from Lune de la Rogue Photography, to capture the moment.

But what we especially love is Sebastian’s hilarious reaction to his new plant mate.

Go back to Hogwarts, Mandrake. You’re not welcome here. 

mandrake picture2

It’s a perfect example of fantasy meeting reality, because, while a screeching Mandrake may only exist in Hogwarts, screeching newborns certainly exist on earth. And both can leave you feeling completely knocked out.

Kelsey featured the top image on her Facebook page and it immediately gained “potularity”, not just from Harry Potter enthusiasts and budding gardeners, but by thousands of other people as well.

harry potter baby3

And we can certainly see why! What muggle can resist such a sweet sibling shot?

We’ve got plenty of other wizardry wonders to explore. Check out our Harry Potter portal (yes, we have a Harry Potter portal) for even more fantastic finds and magical moments inspired by Harry and his mates.



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