When Harry was Lola – mistaken gender scan mishap costs couple more than just a baby name

Gender wrong 3

It’s one of the greatest moments in parenthood – the discovery of your baby’s gender. However, what happens when your 16-week ultrasound reveals you are having a boy and then you give birth to a girl?

Gender scans are often wrong and this happens to couples each and every day. But, for Steve and Shelley Forde, the gender of their newborn was revealed in the most unexpected circumstances.

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Shelley Forde gave birth on the floor of her dining room, two weeks premature. She was so shocked by the unexpected delivery that she didn’t even think to check that her baby boy was, indeed a boy. She and husband Steve, quickly cleaned and wrapped their new baby boy, named Harry, and bundled him into their arms.

It wasn’t until the midwives arrived at their house to check over bub that they realised that Harry was actually a girl.

The couple admit that baby Harry, who was renamed Lola, is a shocking but very welcoming surprise, despite spending a small fortune on baby boy items. They spent hundreds of pounds on blue items for the nursery and a whole new wardrobe of boys’ clothes.

They even paid £79 for an early scan at 16 weeks which promised, with a 99 per cent accuracy rate, that they were having a boy.

“I guess we’re just that one per cent where they get the gender scan wrong,” Mr Forde said.

gender wrong 2

Studies suggest that ultrasounds done at the 20 week mark are around 95 to 100 per cent accurate while scans done before 14 weeks come with an approximate 80 per cent accuracy rate. There are more than 3o0,000 babies born in Australia each year, which allows for a lot of incorrect scan results! And while not all mums opt to find out the gender of the baby, it is safe to say that hundreds of mums would be left with quite the surprise in the delivery room.

The bottom line? You really just never know!

Were you told the wrong gender at an ultrasound?

(via Huffington Post, images via Facebook)


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