Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Here are our favourite breastfeeding essentials for nursing mums

Anyone who’s breastfed a baby knows nourishing a small human with the power of your body is really hard work. In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, we’ve put together a list of our favourite breastfeeding essentials that help make the job a bit easier.


Unbelievably, women are still lambasted for breastfeeding in public, but not only do we have the right to do it, it’s common sense that if your infant is hungry, you feed her. You can do it covered or uncovered, but if you feel like a bit of privacy, and want your baby to stop looking around while she’s eating, there’s the Kiss Kiss Hug Hug Breastfeeding Scarf ($29.95).

niche nursing pillow

When they teach you to breastfeed at the hospital, they might give you a footstool and instruct you on how tuck 10 different pillows under your arm, under your baby, behind your back. It’s a feat of coordination probably best suited to an octopus. Considering you’ll be doing this at least every two hours for the first little while, we mean it when we say a good breastfeeding pillow is essential. The Niche feeding pillow ($145) from Nook Sleep Systems wraps snug around your waist, is filled with breathable organic material, and it’s tall, so you don’t have to bend over your baby.


We also love the Ergobaby Nursing Pillow ($129) which you can buy on its own, or as part of a very handy Newborn Bundle. It’s been developed after extensive consultation with both mums and lactation experts, and the result is a pillow with a solid foam core that promises to help keep your posture relaxed so your milk flows freely! It’s great for lots of different breastfeeding positions too.

ergo twosie fb

Exposing your skin to the chilly night for the 2am feed is almost as bad as knowing you’ll be up in two hours for the next, freezing feed. ErgoPouch can’t make your baby sleep until a more civilised hour, but it will keep you warm with the Twosie ($149.95), a sleep suit for mums. It’s got a 2.5 TOG rating and has clever zips that allow for easy breastfeeding.

Triumph Maternity lead

Under all those layers, it’s nice to have something pretty to wear, which is why we love Triumph’s maternity bras. With options in lace, florals and colours like pink and coral, they’re everything a nursing mother longs for in a bra: pretty, feminine and functional.

Let’s talk nipples for a second. Cracked, bleeding nipples and that excruciating jolt of pain when your baby latches. It only takes a couple of painful feeds to get blisters and cracks, but it can take weeks for them to heal. Silverette healing mini cups ($70) are designed to help heal sore nipples more quickly by preventing bacteria growth. Worn inside your bra or under your nursing pads, these little silver cups speed the healing process in between feeds.

Born to feed gel packs

If you’re one of the many women who have suffered from mastitis, or you’ve had engorged breasts, the Born to Feed gel packs ($25) can help with the pain. Designed for all breast sizes, the gel packs can be worn warm or cool.


Those early days of feeding are usually a blur. When did he eat last? Which side did he feed from? What’s my name? Precious Reminders bra clips ($12) can’t help with your name, but they remind you which breast to feed from next. Half the battle, right?

Mama Body Tea_1

Breastfeeding isn’t all hard work and pain, it’s a sweet, fleeting time and it can be relaxing, we promise. Mama Body Tea celebrates the beauty of motherhood with it range of soothing teas. There’s something for morning sickness, raspberry leaf blend to help prepare for labour, and Mamas Milk to establish your milk supply.

Now you’ve got all the gear sorted, you should read 10 things breastfeeding mums need to know during your next feed.


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