Happy Snipday! 3 dads had a vasectomy party (and there should be more of it!)

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Snip, snip, snip, hooray! Three guy friends made a very special kind of pact, fronting up for vasectomies together and taking responsibility for their long-term family planning! Oh hurrah!

Shutting up shop

BuzzFeed reported this great story and we knew Babyology readers would love it to pieces. What’s not to love about a gang of dads sorting out birth control?! It should happen much, much more often, as far as we are concerned.

Three LA couples – The Diazs, The Santangelos and The Lambrechts – each had two kids already and had decided they were done with the family-growing thing.

The couples were initially involved in their own private discussions about how to handle birth control, now that their families were complete, but that changed pretty quickly when they caught wind of each other’s plans.

They soon realised that they all had a similar dilemma, and it made sense to research and solve it – surgically – in similar dad-focused ways.

Family affair

Conveniently John Lambrechts sister, Sylvia, worked at UCLA Health’s Urology Department, so she recommended a doctor and the couples independently organised the men’s vasectomies.

They quickly discovered though, via a pre-procedure group chat, that they’d been booked in on the very same day, one after the other!

Basically a vasectomy party was about to unfold. It seemed to make sense, considering the couples’ history with one another.

“We are a very close group of friends, our kids were born months apart, we’ve traveled together before kids, and now with kids, and we’ve shared some pretty awesome milestones together. We never thought we’d share this!” Basilio Santangelo told BuzzFeed.

The mums seemed pretty stoked that this big issue didn’t get lumped in their own to-do pile.

“I am so grateful to my husband for taking one for the team, and we are both feeling a sense of relief knowing that there will hopefully be no surprises!” Lisa Diaz said.

Click through to BuzzFeed to get the full story on this gang’s snippy day!


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