Pharrell is not changing his triplets’ nappies because his wife is the expert

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell may be the king of happy, a la his smash hit, but king of nappy he is not. The singer recently revealed his amazing wife has the whole nappy change thing down pat – and it’s not really his scene.


In what seems like a classic case of self-serving praise, singer Pharrell Williams says his wife is so good at the parenting thing, he leaves the nappy changes – and some other parenting responsibilities – pretty much entirely up to her. 

In a sketchy conversation that may be familiar to other mums, the Happy singer noted his wife, Helen Lasichanh, mother of the couple’s triplets and 8-year-old son Rocket, was a total boss at the mum game. His involvement? Less boss!

“Do you do the diaper changing?” a Today Show interviewer asked enthusiastically.

“No,” the dad-of-four admitted.

“What? What do you mean?!” she shot back in disbelief.

“There’s nothing she can’t do”

Pharrell tried to explain, attempting to conceal his no-nappy approach behind a clever smokescreen of praise for his wife.

“My wife is SEAL Team Six. There’s nothing she can’t do. She carried those three bodies. She’s just on it all the time,” he said, revealing that the more hands-on responsibilities of parenting were perhaps best left to the experts. Or something. Um.

“We do have some amazing people to help us,” Pharrell elaborated, perhaps sensing he was on thin ice and seeking to prove his wife was adequately supported.

When asked about dressing the kids, the singer, who has his own clothing label said weakly. “Again, SEAL Team Six.” 

Tribe of six

Helen and Pharrell welcomed their three new babies in January 2017, and Pharrell says the jump from family of three to family of six is bracing – and noisy – at times.

“I have a tribe,” he laughed. “It’s an assembly line. They harmonise. It’s wahhh wahh wahhh all at the same time.”

“Their personalities are coming through already,” he said of the 5-month-old triplets. Of son Rocket’s response to the new arrivals, Pharrell confirmed “he’s an amazing big brother.”  

Pharrell was visiting The Today Show to promote his music for the new movie Despicable Me 3, and was possibly a little miffed to be asked so many questions about family life, despite his obvious affection and love for wife and kids.

Still, perhaps watching it back, he might rethink the whole nappy involvement thing and get his hands dirty, moving forward. Here’s hoping, for (SEAL Team Six) Helen’s sake! 

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