Finally, some happy news for darling little Abigail’s family

Sweet little Abigail, the baby girl who captured the hearts and minds of all who saw her newborn photos online, has received some happy news that will put a smile on the faces of all who have come to follow her journey.

Born with a brain tumour and Down syndrome, Abigail has always been a little fighter. But this month her family was given the news they had all been waiting for – the tumour is officially benign.

abigail benign

The Florida family shared their daughter’s MRI results on Facebook after meeting with her neurosurgeon.

“Her MRI is stable, no changes in the brain, fluid is all the same. And the spine is free and clear!” mum Erika writes.

“Also got the pathology report from the pathologists here and the consensus is Abigail had a glioneuronal neoplasm grade 1. Basically a benign brain tumor. It’s officially official. Next MRI in July. So proud of my little girl!”


The family won hearts around the world after sharing a beautiful family photo shoot of what they believed were their newborn daughter’s last days. Then came the joyous, almost unbelievable news that baby Abigail’s brain tumour was not cancerous.

Health setbacks and further tests have made life difficult for the seven month old – but her smile has spread happiness despite her struggles.

In February Abigail graduated out of PedsCare, the hospice and palliative care program in Jacksonville.

Posted by Abigail's Joy on Monday, 4 April 2016

On World Down Syndrome Day, Abigail’s mum Erika Jones spoke about just how special Abigail is.

“Never did I imagine what Down syndrome would mean to me,” she says.

“Beautiful Abigail, I love every one of your 47 chromosomes. You are perfect in every way!

“Celebrate life today, we are all unique. Just be kind to others and teach your loved ones to do the same. Today and every day.

“No matter what we look like, sound like, or act like. No matter our abilities or disabilities. Invisible challenges known only by you or worn for the world to see. We are more alike than different!”

(images via Facebook)




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