Hands up if you gave all the Easter eggs but didn’t receive a single one?

Easter bunny mum

Every year my husband and I have the same conversation as I hand him a chocolate bunny wrapped in pretty shiny foil on Easter morning:

Him: Oh I didn’t think we gave each other Easter eggs, just the kids. I’m sorry, if I knew I would have gotten you one.

Me: Seriously? You say this to me every year. I ALWAYS get you, and everyone else in our entire family for that matter — including your parents — an Easter egg. Always.

Him: Sorry … um, you can have my bunny?

Me (sulking): No, that’s not the point. Well, maybe just the ears *breaks off the biggest piece I can*.

Tell me I’m not the only mum the Easter bunny forgot?

I don’t understand how this first world problem can happen to me every year. Surely I’m not the only one eggless at Easter?

While my kids were running around sporting chocolate beards on Sunday morning, I was devouring my third hot cross bun and contemplating reminding my husband the servo is open so he could still buy me an egg, just so I had my own to hide from the kids and snap off little pieces whenever I felt like it. Then I told myself to grow up. I’m a mother after all. Easter is really for the kids.

Mother and her daughter wearing bunny ears

I’m. A. Mother.

But isn’t that just it? I’m a mum. I’m the one who buys all the eggs for everyone else. I invite both sets of grandparents around for Easter buns (and more chocolate loading for the kids *facepalm*). I enthusiastically conduct how our Easter long weekend should be spent to make the most of the fun but to also ensure everyone relaxes. While my husband gets in on hiding the eggs around the garden, I’ve been the chief organiser of the Easter magic. 

Mums deserve all the chocolate eggs, and then some

If I were the Easter bunny (oh, hang on) I would give mums more chocolate eggs than would fill their little ‘the kids won’t look here’ hidey holes.

For weeks I’ve been telling my boys the Easter bunny has a ‘good and naughty’ list. They know that only good boys who eat their vegetables, have a bath and get dressed of a morning without a fuss get a visit from the bunny.

Well, I’m sure every mum I know damn well deserves to be on that good list, including me! While I may not be a perfect mum (but hello, who is?), I know I try really hard to be a good one. I also try hard at my job and I try not to forget to feed our pet goldfish every second day. 

I think the Easter bunny needs a new system. It’s obvious that some of us who deserve to be at the top of the good list have somehow fallen off it. I think I will remind my husband that Easter chocolate is now half price. I reckon this is one of those times when it’s better to be late than never, bunny boy.

Chocolate Easter bunny

Oh and for the record my hubby is a great guy. He’s my best friend, a very caring man and a fantastic dad. He just sucks at the Easter egg thing. Although I suspect after reading this he’ll do better next year.

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