Hammer time – tiny tradies give this toddler toy the ultimate test!

If you really want to know how good a toy is – just give it to a child. They’ll soon let you know if they love it, or prefer the box it came in. We’ve gathered some young road-testers to give us the low-down on a really clever toy that adapts to your child’s learning stage. We’ve had these tiny tradies test out one of the coolest toddler toys around – and yes, there’s a hammer involved!


Has your child ever found a toy they love so much it has to come with them everywhere they go? For Riley B, this toy is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toolbox.

As Riley’s mum, Hayley tells us, “The toolbox has come with us everywhere since it has arrived. It has had random children and adults playing along too, even an older lady (about 70) in a cafe had to have a turn whilst waiting for her lunch.”

Hayley was one of the 12 mums and kids who tried out the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toolbox and her adorable son isn’t the only little one who loves his new toolbox.

It seems as though all the little ones enjoyed learning the tools of the trade.

If you’re not familiar with this toy – it’s aimed at little ones from six to 36 months. That’s a pretty wide spread, and that’s because it adapts to your child’s age and stage, by using Smart Stages technology. Level one helps teach first words, level two gives your baby prompts through questions and directions, and level three uses imaginative fun and early role playing. It’s one of those toys you’ll probably pull out of the toy box again and again, as your baby discovers new things they’ve learnt.


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 Fun favourites

Our little testers were a spread of ages, the eldest a two-year-old, down to just a few months – and that little, plastic hammer proved a favourite with all of them (what is it with kids and banging things together?!). The bright lights and music were a hit with the youngest in the group – even at just four months old, little Zavier’s mum said she could see his eyes following the sequence of lights.

And then there are the simplest things which all kids seem to adore – like opening and closing the lid of the toolbox, which had a few of our testers enamoured. Lots of our mums told us their child decided the toolbox was their new favourite thing, and would tote it around the house all day.

Imaginative play

Parents of the youngest testers obviously found that their babies weren’t up to imaginative play, but the older kids engaged in role playing and creating their own games with the toy. Kids will often find their own ways to interact with toys, as our testers discovered:

“Zaviar is a baby always wanting stimulation [so] it was funny to see him concentrate so much that his little tongue began to stick out.”


“Elizabeth loved the hammer for not only its tapping quality but also for teething purposes! She is at the stage of putting everything in her mouth at the moment and the hammer proved to be an excellent teether which she found quite soothing on her poor, sore little gums!”

“Faith likes to carry it to the front door and points to go in the car just like Daddy.”

“All day long we heard ‘open, close’ till we started hearing it in our sleep.”

“It definitely encouraged imaginative play in Krishna. He used the hammer in the toolbox for hammering almost everything he laid his eyes on.”

“When he first worked out that smashing the hammer on the box was fun he was in fits of giggles.”

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Final verdicts

Overall, our families were impressed with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toolbox – all of them said they’d be happy to recommend it to others, with parents of the younger testers agreeing the toy will get more use as their child grows. Here’s a snapshot of our reviewers’ thoughts:

“I think my little one would like playing with the tool box more when he’s a little older. The hammer was a little big for him to hold, but he did like banging it when he could hold onto it.”

“My little man loved it so much, it never kept still.”

“It is a great product. Though Sadie got distracted very quickly and easily with the banging. The music part stimulated her the most.”

fisher-price reviewers

“Zaviar is my second boy and it is great to see that Fisher-Price is still coming up with some amazing new toys that a) parents haven’t see before and don’t get bored with and b) that toddlers and babies can enjoy.”

“We have always found Fisher-Price toys to be exceptional for many reasons including: affordability/value for money, interactive qualities, role play activities, durability, colourful and bright appeal to children and catchy little songs/rhymes etc. We love that Fisher-Price is a lasting brand from our own childhoods, therefore quality and a name we trust.”

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Check out our video A day in the life of a Fisher-Price toy and visit our archives to discover even more great toys from Fisher-Price.

(This is a sponsored post for Fisher-Price)

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