Hamish Blake shows tired dads how to succeed in the baby aisle at the chemist

Zoe and Hamish

Hamish Blake, father of young lad Sonny and newborn lass Rudy, continues his aspirational approach to parenting and exhausted, bewildered parents are relating furiously.

Feel the burn

Hamish – who is married to author and beauty company boss Zoe Foster-Blake – posted this intimate behind-the-scenes shot from his local Chemist Warehouse, and dads across the country narrowed their eyes and focused in on his spectacular form.

The dad-of-two is seen matching some deep squats with some bleary decision-making, and his challenging moves have other new fathers hankering to be more, to do more…  #Inspirational

It’s unclear what was on Hamish’s shopping list at the time of publication, but we’re fairly certain it was something to do with nipples. Or it could have been cat food. It’s hard to think straight when you’re in week three of Getting To Know Your Newborn.

“Dad Workout™: Confusion Squat Holds. Go to pharmacy to find very specific baby item you’re almost bound to get wrong. Hold deep squat at lowest shelf until you figure out which product you need, or 20 mins, whichever comes first (it will be 20 mins). Stand up, shake out burning legs, grab 2 or 3 extra items to show wife “you tried bloody hard” and treat yo sef to chocolate from counter as recovery snack! #dadlegday – Hamish Blake”

It’s not known whether Hamish had to soak his legs in the bay in the wake of this gruelling session, but we hope not.

Baby daze

Since Hamish and Zoe welcomed baby Rudy to the family, they’ve been sharing glimpses of those foggy early days of newborn parenting, chiefly via Instagram stories.

We know they’ve (impressively) managed to go out for lunch AND dinner, for Zoe’s birthday, and then a pal’s. Zoe’s also had ‘The Talk’ with Rudy, getting in early to ensure those teenage years are smooth sailing, so that was a brilliant plan. There was also fancy cake.

While it’s tempting to assume Zoe’s some kind of freakish wonder mum with her beauty business and her funny writing success and her new fashion line, she’s not backward in coming forward about the challenges that mum life brings.

A recent Instagram fist bump to single parents revealed there’s been some tricky days over the last month and lots of soldiering on had been required. Sonny and Hamish were both unwell when Rudy made her appearance, so they’ve been a little bit on the back foot since the birth.

Still, as Hamish shows, they’re a determined and stretchy bunch.

We hope everyone’s as right as rain as soon as poss, and very much look forward to Hamish’s workout video release. #DadLegDay

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