Halle Berry fights back after critic suggests she’s ‘ashamed’ of her kids

She’s beautiful; she’s talented; and she’s a doting mum to two young children who she clearly loves and wants to protect. So when a stranger slams a parenting decision that Halle has made, she is going to do what any mum would do and fight back.

And her response is absolutely brilliant.

This week’s social media drama stars the stunning Halle Berry who defended her right to keep her kids’ faces private from random strangers.

Halle often showcases photos of her children, eight-year-old Nahla and three-year-old Maceo, but chooses not to include images of their faces. And rightfully so.

However, after Halle posted a photo of her two children’s torsos (with faces cropped), one critic decided to share her thoughts: “What’s with the hiding of the faces? They’re beautiful children why not show them off?” she wrote.



A photo posted by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

This isn’t the first time that someone has commented on Halle’s decision to keep her children’s faces free from her newsfeed. Which may explain why she has decided to explain things once and for all in a response that is both eloquent and incredibly smart.

“Let me be clear,” Halle starts. “I’m not at all ashamed of [my] children. I try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but I also work very hard to keep their identities as private as I can considering they are only children.”

“It’s my belief, and I’m not criticizing others who have different beliefs, that it’s my job as their mother to protect their privacy as best I can. When they grow and they’re of age and they want [to] share their images on the internet, that will be for them to decide, not me.”


All good vacays must come to an end. 👣👣👣👣

A photo posted by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

She may have had 25 years in the spotlight but the bottom line is this – what Halle chooses to post on social media is entirely up to her. And her decision to protect her children’s privacy and respect their ability to decide for themselves if they want to be in the social media spotlight or not makes perfect sense.

If you don’t like it, just keep scrolling.

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