A very hairy Christmas: 9 cute festive hair ideas for sparkly, smiley kids

kids' christmas hair styles

Thank heavens for Instagram. Not only does it keep us from going bonkers when we’re bored and standing in line at the post office, now it’s showing us uber-cute ways to Christmas up our kids’ hair this festive season!

Do better!

We’re taking the hard work out of that “I’ve got nothing to hair” dilemma this festive season and rounding up the most adorable, giggle-worthy, sparkly and stylish merry ‘dos!

Make knotty locks and bunchy ponies a thing of the past, this year. Banish cowlicks, forgo frizz and kick kinks to the kerb.

Here’s what all the cool kids are hairing this year!


1. The full Rudolph (with sparkly pompom twist!)


2. Today in micro-Game-of-Thrones-style…

3.  The loose braid (with bonus baubles)

4. Rudolph’s brother (with the less-shiny nose)

5. Double-trouble, star-topped, pompom-dotted, mega-braid

6. Laced-up and Santa-ready

7. Jewel-adorned, felt-topped, braid of bossness

8. Hair as jaw-dropping, extremely Christmassy art

9. Sibling crazy-haired ribbons and bibbons and sparkles

10. Snowflakes and sparkles and confetti, oh my!


Thanks to all these amazing Instagrammers for sharing their beautiful and festive hair-dos!

We wish you and your family a very peaceful, very sparkly, very hairy Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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