What your hair style says about your mum style

Your hair says a lot about you, especially how many hours of sleep you had the night before. But can you tell what type of mum you are based on your hair style?

Probably not, but we’re guessing about it anyway. So come and share a cheeky laugh at the different mums we all know and love, based on the hair style we are rocking at the moment. Which one(s) are you?

Mum Bun Mum

Hours of sleep the night before: five or six

mum bun mum sl
Mum Bun Mum may be sporting the mum bun, but she makes it look good. Sure, the kids may be slightly late for school, the baby’s nappy is on backwards and there is a stain on Mum Bun Mum’s shirt (that is either coffee, chocolate or something else), but she is happy, smiling and glowing.

If anyone asks, Mum Bun Mum is on her way to yoga.

Balayage of Colour Mum

Hours of sleep the night before: three or four

trio hair mum

Balayage of Colour Mum is a a multi-tasking queen with at least three things on her plate at once (and three colours in her hair).  Some call it the ‘ombre look’ but I call it ‘grey-root-overgrowth’ – when your hair resembles a trio of colours in between hair dyes.

This is what I’m sporting at the moment – a beautiful rainbow of blonde tips, grey roots and brown swirls just begging to be dyed.

Messy Up Do Mum

Hours of sleep the night before: six

messy up do mum sl

Messy Up Do Mum is a regular offender around these parts. Messy Up Do Mum comes out after you have attempted to plug in the hair straightener ten times, but keep getting interrupted because the kids spilled their juice, their fruit is touching their toast on the plate and they don’t want the red cups – they want the green ones.

Hat Mum

Hours of sleep the night before: Ha! What sleep?

hat mum sl

Hat Mum is what happens when sleep does not. Hat Mum, also lovingly referred to as Hot Mess Mum, is the mum we all become after one of those hectic weeks when the easiest way to deal with our look is to throw on a hat, don a pair of sunnies and hope for the best.

Shining Locks Mum

Hours of sleep the night before: eight plus

shining locks mum sl

Shining Locks Mum is a shimmering example of what parenting could look like, if you happen to have kids who sleep and hair that automatically does what it is told. Shining Locks Mum wakes up looking refreshed, amazing and full of beans.

Shining Locks Mum only comes out on special occasions. Or after three cups of coffee before 8am.

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