7 hair fails all mums know to be true

Mum hair. It’s a thing. And it’s certainly not awesome. Although some mums can pull off amazing locks with minimal care, others, like myself, cannot. Unless I go to the hairdresser and then do not move a single muscle all day, my hair is a mess by 5pm.

Here are some of the hair fails we all know too well!

1. The ‘blonde’ streaks

I call them ‘blonde’ but we all know what they really are. And grey hair just doesn’t seem to look as good on me as it does on George Clooney, especially the long, frizzy patches that seem to stick out of the top of my head.

2. The ‘pony’ lump

You put your hair up, going for the ‘messy celebrity’ look and end up with lumps all over the top and sides of your hair. Meh.

3. The ‘mum’ bun

You could be attending a ballet recital later in the day, but, more likely than not, you just cannot be bothered to actually do anything with your hair and thus – the mum bun.

4. Humidity hair

You know what I’m talking about here – think Monica’s hair on the episode of Friends when they went to Barbados. Well, this, my friends, is my life. The 80s called. They want their hairstyle back. And I will gladly give it to them.

5. Hat hair

This occurs when you wake up, look in the mirror, give up on life and put on a hat. Bonus points if it happens three days in a row or more. My record is 10 days.

6. The ‘ombre’ look

Yes, I meant for my roots to be showing. The end.

7. The sandy sensation

The look you’re going for is “beach hair” but what you end up with is sand throughout your hair, frizz along the edges and a combination of wave and kink that is next to impossible to comb through.

Do you rock any of these classic hairdos regularly? What would you add to my list?

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