Hair care tips for kids from our homes to yours

Is there such a thing as the perfect hair regime for children? No, but we have the next best thing – tips and tricks from parents who’ve been there, to make children’s hair care a dream, not a nightmare.

If you’ve been doing kids’ hair for a while it will come as no surprise to you that plenty of kids will run a mile when you approach them with a hair brush. Short of giving in and embracing dreadlocks for everyone, what can you do? We’ve put together some tips to help.

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Hair washing – how often and what should you use?

Let’s start with the basics – hair washing. One of the things many parents wonder about is how often to wash children’s hair. The good news (especially for children who hate hair washing) is that you certainly don’t need to do it every night. Once or twice a week is just fine.


If your kids are like mine and require a bath every night without fail, then most nights you can simply wash the hair with warm water instead of using a product. Shampooing less is actually recommended as it lets the natural oils in the scalp do their thing.

When you are going to use a shampoo, we like something like the Extra Care Purify and Protect range from Schwarzkopf, which gently cleanses hair and removes impurities.


Drying off

For after bath care, we love both the award-winning Cuddletwist and the Turbie Twist. It has to be one of the easiest ways to dry your child’s hair without them squirming away or resulting in even more tangles to comb through. They’re also great to throw in the swimming bag for trips to the pool.

Brushes and combs

Regardless of how thick or thin and straight or curly your child’s hair is, the best brushes are those with pure bristles. Use a wide tooth comb when brushing your child’s hair wet but swap to a pure bristle brush for regular hair combing sessions.


Caring for curls

For mums with little ones with crazy curls (like our CEO Mandi, who has three curly-haired beauties to get ready every morning), a leave in spray conditioner can help detangle before combing and drying.

My daughter loves giving her hair (and mine) a few squirts after our shower sessions and it makes it so much easier to brush through her hair whether it’s wet or dry.


School hair ideas

For quick and easy school hair ideas for girls, you can’t go past a good plait. Not only do they keep tangles at bay, but keeping hair in plaits is also good for preventing head lice. Spray the hair with a leave in conditioner with added tea tree oil and a bit of hairspray which anecdotally seem to help keep the head lice away.

Check out some of our favourite school hair styles that are actually easy to achieve (even with a coffee in one hand). We also have a great selection of super plaits to try if you’re looking to really up your hair style game and impress the pants off everyone.


What to do if you develop an itchy problem

Nobody wants to spend their evenings fiddling with nits. I’m scratching my head just thinking about the nasty things. However, if your child does come home with head lice (and it happens to the best of us), we love Quit Nits and Licener, both of which offer easy applications and wash-out treatments. If you prefer to steer clear of chemical treatments entirely, you can simply load your child’s hair up with ordinary conditioner and comb it out section by section with a metal nit comb.

Either way, the secret to beating head lice is to be committed to checking and retreating until you’re sure they’re gone. This will probably mean every few days for a fortnight or so.

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For natural mummas, there is nothing wrong with heading to the pantry or essential oils drawer for your hair product needs. Like we mentioned, tea tree oil is a great preventative but there are a few other products that can help with your hair concerns. Apple cider vinegar, for example, can give your hair a bit of a healthy shine and olive oil can keep frizzes at bay.

Regardless of what type of hair your children have, we hope these hair care tips and product recommendations help make your hair care routine a little easier. The last thing any parent wants to deal with at the end of a long day are tangles and tantrums. Or nits.

(This is a sponsored post for Schwarzkopf)

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