Grown-ups test ride Kolcraft’s super-sized pram

In opposite world, babies would spend hours pureeing a variety of foods for their mothers, and bounce crying dads in rockers at 3am. The real world isn’t so bad though, now that parents can get pushed around in prams.

Kolcraft adult test ride pram baby pram

Kolcraft, maker of the Contour Stroller, has created an adult-sized test pram.

Kolcraft rightly points out that babies make unreliable sources of user feedback, while parents are full of things to say on the subject of their baby’s comfort. The test-ride pram is a scaled-up replica of the Contours pram, and it shows parents how relaxing and smooth a ride can be.

It’s refreshing to see a brand proving the quality of its product instead of listing features. And it’s funny to see adults strapped into a five-point harness, sucking their thumbs.

Now, if they could just work out how to get babies to push the pram, that would be the start of a more fair distribution of labour between parents and kids.

(via Adweek)

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