Grow your perfect family tree with Brandy & Duke

Brandy & Duke family tree prints

Brandy & Duke family tree prints

With all of our family back in England, I do make a particular effort to keep talking about grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins to my two daughters. We have a few, now very faded, photos of most family members stuck up on the wall which the children point at and talk about but these prints look like a very good idea indeed.

Brandy & Duke Family Tree Prints are the brainchild of a New South Wales mum, who like me, has family overseas. She was keen to come up with something to show her young son his family tree in an unconventional and fun way.

Each print can show up to four or five generations and there are several different colourful designs to choose from. They are easy to order through the website. You simply complete a genealogy form and are given a draft to check before it is finally printed. Each one is $69 plus shipping costs.

I have to add that ever since my dad did our own family history a few years ago, I really appreciate my ancestry – what better way of showing kids who and where they come from? Take a look at this family tree and this one we’ve featured before on Babyology.

Brandy & Duke family tree print

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