Grippiks – making your Ikea pieces special


Hands up all those with an Ikea piece or two at home! Me, for sure. In fact, we’re the type that adore designer furniture but don’t mind mixing it up with cheap, cheerful and well-designed pieces from our favourite Swedish store. Having the super-sized Sydney Ikea near our place has ensured it’s a mainstay in our home. You may have assumed it’s all designer for us but on our income it simply isn’t possible, and that’s the reality for many who were once Dinks but have had incomes halved thanks to parenthood.

We might love our Ikea furniture, but it can look a tad plain and generic, especially when half our friends have the same Malm drawer
units. I gasped when I saw these Grippiks for jazzing up Ikea pieces. Having just
installed an Expedit in my eldest son’s room, I’m delighted to see these decals for adding interest to his space, which is starting to
look a little worse for wear two years after redecorating.

Grippiks make surface accents for Ikea’s most popular items including Malm, Effektiv, Expedit, Lack tables, Billy and Benno. I also
see they make them for the Flyt Magazine files I use for my teaching resources! Grippiks provide instant currency conversions and shipping rates to your corner of the globe. I’m going to have to select carefully or my whole home will be covered in them and I don’t want to overdo it. They’re available in a choice of six prints, all modern and pretty.

Prices start as low as $1.25 plus shipping, from Grippiks.
(Via Design Milk)


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