Green Toys – so this is where all those milk bottles go!

If you do the majority of grocery shopping in your household, you’ll be
well aware of how many plastic milk bottles
march through the front door and out again into the recycling bin. Most
families would go through at least a few hundred per year and
you can imagine how many millions a country like the USA 
generates. It’s great to have a tangible object available, made from
all those milk bottles to make you feel good about your own scrupulous
recycling efforts!

Green Toys make beautiful children’s toys out of 100% recylced milk
bottles and proudly keep all production local to California, a state with very stringent environemental benchmarks.
With the rising costs of transporting goods, this makes excellent business
sense and saves further on the world’s resources.

There are three sets available – Tea Set, Sand Play Set, and Cookware & Dining Set. Being made from food-quality plastics, the toys are completely safe for your little ones
– they contain no Phthalates or BPA.
There are also some interesting facts about the environmental impact of Green Toys products –
every kilo of recycled milk jugs used in the making of Green Toys saves energy equal to 6000 AAA batteries, enough
electricity to power a TV for 6 weeks or keep a laptop computer running for 2 months!
The products are good looking and virtually unbreakable, which is a godsend in this
tile-floored house of ours!

Green Toys are available exclusively in Australia from
bébé. The Tea Set is $59.95, Sand Play Set is $44.95 and the
Cookware & Dining Set is $89.95 with a very huge 27 pieces!


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