Green To Grow – toxin free baby bottles


Parents have recently been alerted to the fact that most baby bottles
are made from plastics that contain potentially harmful toxins.
Although I breastfeed, I have always kept bottles handy for those
times when I’ve had to pump, for the odd bottle of formula, and for
cow’s milk later on. I might reconsider regular plastic bottles now and invest in some toxin-free ones from
Green To Grow.

These bottles look traditional enough, but what you can’t see is
the lack of Bisphenol-A,
‘a neurological, developmental, and reproductive toxicant’ found in
polycarbonate plastics – the very same plastic used to make millions of
baby bottles. The Green To Grow website has a wonderful
collection of resources for you to read, so you can educate yourself
about plastics and the preparation of your children’s food and

So what are these super bottles made from? PES plastic, which
stands for Polyethersulfone, a polymer that isn’t porous or
reactive and is more durable than other hard plastics. It can withstand
changes in temperature, remaining stable over many uses, including
hundreds of stints in the dishwasher and steriliser.

children deserve our best efforts to keep them safe from harmful
toxins, and setting aside my panic for a moment, I’m grateful for
this new information about plastics.

Mini eco have just released metric Green To Grow bottles in Australia,
and they’re available in
240ml wide necks,
for $15.95 and $19.95 respectively. I’m just loving this site. Finally eco-friendly goods can go hand in hand with style!

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