Green Sprouts BPA-free bottles


Thanks to Babyology reader Mich, we now know about another type of
BPA-free baby bottle! Here she tells us about her experience finding
the perfect polypropylene bottle from
Green Sprouts:

I have recently found a wonderful product, something that I myself
searched high and low for, for months and months.
I am from the school of thinking that Polycarbonate baby bottles are
not to be used for feeding children because of the
chemicals in them. So since having to give up breast feeding for
medical reasons, I wanted to use the very best baby bottle
I could find.

I have over 12 brands of bottles in my cupboards (should
get rid of some of them really) but I have finally found a
baby bottle that I think all other mums out there like me, really need
to know about.
They are called Green Sprouts and they are made from polypropylene.
They come in the cutest colours ever and they take the brand
of teats that I already use. I am a very happy mum.

We love getting real life reviews from people already using a great
product. We’re all concerned about the effects of modern life on our
precious babes, and this latest information about harmful chemicals in
our babies’ bottles is alarming to say the least. With these
new polypropylene bottles, we can take comfort in the fact that the
polypropylene will not react to temperature changes, thereby
leaching harmful substances into baby’s milk.

Green Sprouts bottles are compatible with most wide necked teats so
you can actually use that collection you’ve amassed if you’re like
most of us and have tried almost every brand! If not, they come with a
multi-age, anti-colic teat and with a choice of blue, green, orange
and pink, they also look great. There is more detailed information
about Bisphenol-A (BPA) on the site listing for Green Sprouts bottles,
which makes for essential reading for every parent.

Available locally from
Caluna Loves
for $14.95 for the 240ml version, and $10.50 for the 120ml. A pack of four is available for $50 plus post.

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