Green Hat Workshop’s Planks – smart blocks for big kids

Planks by Green Hat Workshop

There’s been a lot in the news this year about a new craze called planking. Now you can indulge in “planking” at home with a new product that’s fun and safe for all ages!

Green Hat Workshop Planks Kids Instyle Melbourne

Spotted by Babyology recently at Life Instyle in Melbourne, these beautiful pine blocks are called Planks. They are brand new from Australian company Green Hat Workshop, and only available here in Australia. They’re a building block with a difference – each piece is identical, giving almost infinite building possibilities. They come in packs of one hundred, two hundred, five hundred or one thousand, which is enough to build just about anything you can imagine.

Green Hat Workshop Planks spiral bowl

Whether you want to build a tiny town or a Plank Parthenon, the fact that each block is identical means the structures built will hold together purely by gravity. What fun for budding (and more serious) architects of all ages, and we suspect there’s more than one dad who would be pretty happy to open a box of these on Father’s Day and indulge the child within. Get an idea of even more Plank possibilities at the Green Hat Workshop Flickr page.

You can find your nearest stockist at Green Hat Workshop.

Planks by Green Hat Workshop

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