Government flags more money to lure mums back to work

Attention stay at home mums, your country need you! That’s the message to mums from federal treasurer Joe Hockey this week.

Mr Hockey yesterday announced that mums who return to work or boost their working hours, ahead of the next federal election, will get to keep some or even all of their family welfare payments. 

Australia’s mums are being rallied, in a bid to lift workforce participation, with Mr Hockey imploring,For the sake of the future of the Australian economy, we need you”.

Speaking with The Sunday Mail, Mr Hockey indicated that the government is trying to help Australia’s mothers achieve a balance between spending more time with their children, and returning to work.

It’s understood that as part of the Abbott Government’s White Paper, which is due for release before the next election, there will be options for low to middle income families to hold onto some of their welfare payments, like Family Tax Benefit A or the Child Care Benefit if the mother returns to work.

“As you earn more, you not only stand to lose benefits, but you may also jump into higher tax brackets and then pay more tax on extra dollars you earn,” Mr Hockey says.

“We have an ageing population; we need (women) to be more productive, we need you for your experience, we need you for the contribution you all make for the jobs that your children will get in the future.

“The Prime Minister and I have talked about how we can try to support women who are endeavouring to balance a home life and other demands but we’re working through it.”

One area that the government is looking at is supporting mums in job sharing or working from home.

“Women have been prolific in setting up home-based businesses; they’re great innovators — they want the flexibility to be able to work from home, earn an income and at the same time engage innovative ideas.”

In Australia one in three mums with a child under two is employed, and by the youngest child reaches school-age, 60 per cent are working.

(via The Sunday Mail)

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