Goodbyn lunch box introduces its smaller sibling Bynto

plastic lunch box, bento

lunch box, bento

Goodbyn have a new lunch box that is the perfect size for smaller children, snacks on the go and those without huge appetites. Best of all, your food can still go nude!

If nude food isn’t a term you’re familiar with, it means no plastic wrap, no brown bags, no plastic bags – no disposable packaging anywhere in your child’s lunch box. I love this idea but with three kids in school, I end up with an awful lot of reusable containers with lost lids, which means their nude food becomes homeless. Goodbyn has overcome this common school ground problem with their lunch box design  – one lid, one box, many compartments. What bliss!

lunch box

The original Goodbyn is quite a size, which is fantastic if you have an older child or a big eater but for those smaller children that eat like a bird, or for preschool snack time, a smaller lunch box is required. The Goodbyn Bynto is a third smaller than the original (see above image) and has three separate compartments for your child’s lunch. A small drink bottle fits snugly in the middle section. There are six sweet colours to choose from and trust me, choosing is difficult.

Goodbyn lunch boxes are made from recycled plastic that’s free from chemicals, lead and is perfectly safe to house your lunch in. Sticker sheets are included with Goodbyn lunch boxes so your child can decorate their very own lunch box to suit their personality to a tee. It’s also handy to add that Goodbyn lunch boxes can be cleaned in the dishwasher – stickers and all!

The Goodbyn Bynto is available for $28.95 from Biome who post all over Australia – so start thinking about what you might pack for lunch.

plastic lunch box, bento

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