GoldieBlox – bringing science and engineering to little girls

Engineering toy for little girls

science toy for girls

I’m not sure how to open this toy review in a way that can possibly do it the justice it deserves. All I can say is if you have a little girl, or know a little girl, then you need to check this out.

I’m just going to start from the start. Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer, lives in a man’s world. She is one of only a handful of engineers that are female and has made it her business to try and change this. After huge amounts of research, spending her life savings and calling in every favour possible, Debbie managed to create a GoldieBlox prototype.

With the help of Kickstarter (a company that pairs philanthropists with visionaries) this amazing toy is about to become a reality and I will be buying one for every little girl I know.

GoldieBlox combines what little girls are generally drawn to (reading and verbal play) with construction (usually a boy’s domain) to create a machine-making, girly toy that reminds little girls that princesses are great, but building stuff is really fun too. This toy helps develop critical thinking, spacial awareness, confidence in science and problem solving skills. And of course it is designed to be attractive for the little ladies.

An initial three-book series will follow Goldie the engineer’s journey and give instructions on how to make her machines. There will also be an iPad and iPhone app for girls who aren’t quite up to the reading level of Goldie.

So far US$247,000 has been raised for this project. If you want to pre order or pledge money to help GoldiBlox get off the ground then visit her Kickstarter page and follow the prompts.

Engineering toy for little girls


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