Going batty in super style


I used to snicker when I saw a mum out in public with a kid in a superhero outfit. Then someone gave my own little boy a Superman costume. Tragically for me, it was the one with the built-in muscles. I think we can all agree there’s something not quite right about a pre-schooler with a six-pack!

Fast-forward a few months and my little boy — along with every other little boy across the country – has caught the Batman craze. But just like The Dark Knight isn’t really a suitable film for kids, neither I think are the officially licensed costumes, with their over-buffed, over-done body armour. Don’t fear — Babyology has come to the rescue with this too-cute-to-be-true hooded bat cape from quality kids’ costumiers Great Pretenders.

The black velvet panne hooded cape — complete with yellow bat motif and fabulous sticky-up bat ears – lets kids be Batman without the baggage. Honestly, it’s so ridiculously cute you’ll want your little boy to wear it in public. We got ours from Oliebollen.com for $US24.95 plus a teeny bit extra for postage to Australia. Oliebollen.com also do a picture-perfect princess cape that’s perfect for ensuring little sisters don’t feel left out.

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