“Go to your room, Beige!” People are sharing unusual baby names and it’s gold

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When a mum heard a child being called ‘Beige’ in the supermarket, she took to popular forum Mumsnet to canvas for other unusual baby names. Dedicated forum users were forthcoming, sharing a variety of compelling and surprising names that have many asking “wait, what?!”

“Definitely Beige”

“In the supermarket today and heard a mum shout “Beige” to her daughter… no joke!” the original poster wrote. “At first I thought I had misheard Paige…but no, definitely Beige. Got me thinking… what are the worst names you have come across?”

The response was quite overwhelming, with over 600 comments chiming in their own unique monikers. Here’s just a few of our favourite unusual examples. Perhaps your future baby’s name is amongst them?! You just never know…

1. Justique

“Justique (Absolutely no idea what the parents were thinking!)”

2. Beowulf

“A mum in my baby yoga group called her son Beowulf.”

3. Pocahontas

“Pocahontas. She is in her late 20s and now goes by “Helen”. Who in their right mind calls their child that?”

4. Vanilla

“I know a little girl called Vanilla.”

5. Pebbles

“My [sister] used to go to nursery with a little girl called Pebbles which is the worst I’ve come across.”

6. Ptolemy

“For posh names I don’t think I’ve heard worse than Ptolemy.”

7. Endurance and 8. Zebedee

“[My daughter] went to nursery with an Endurance. Primary school with a Zebedee.”

9. Raspberry

“I did my work experience at a nursery school and had a little boy there called Raspberry.”

10. Cupcake

“I know a little girl called Cupcake. Poor kid. Cute when you’re 6 not so much 40…”

11. Bubble-Lee

“I knew of a boy called Bubble-Lee.”

12. Evol

“I once meet a (male) estate agent called Evol. It’s ‘Love’ backwards… How nice. A shame it sounds like ‘Evil’.”

13. Glumdalclitch

“The worst name of all time is Glumdalclitch. I was at university with her. I know it’s literary – but it’s not kind.”

14. Hippolyte

“We have friends in France who have called their son Hippolyte. They pronounce it ee-poh-leet. The weird thing is that is Greek mythology Hippolyte was a woman. Also that the child will be called Hippo for short once at school.”

15. Serbarstiene

“Most unusual name I’ve come across was a wee boy called Serbarstiene. I thought I was hearing it wrong but I saw it written down. Definitely Serbarstiene.”

16. Harlequin

“A woman I know named her daughter Harlequin.”

17. Dolce & 18. Gabbana

“I know someone who called their twin girls Dolce and Gabbana.”

19. Gobnait

“Gobnait. (pronounced gub-nit) There will never be a name uglier than Gobnait.”

2o. Sensimilia

“Sensimilia was a pretty but unhelpful name to give a child. No doubt she has changed it, as she’d be in her 30s by now.”

Others were equally concerned about the wisdom of pairing certain given names and surnames, with Mike Hunt and Jenny Taylor being raised as very unwise – but real world – choices.



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