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I’ve always been a nutter for cute gadgets. Those were the days when I’d keep up with every new technological advance in music playing, TV and gaming devices. I’m afraid to say that part of my
life is over as I get older, as it’s getting harder and harder to keep up!

I can still enjoy gadgetry on a smaller, less expensive scale though,
especially with sites such as
Gizmine which features all kinds of weird and wonderful
Japanese inventions. Some of them are downright baffling, like the
Poking Box where you can
insert your finger into a plastic box and see a digital version of your finger irritating a character.

There are spooky looking LED watches which look like there really
is a droid alive inside plotting your downfall, right down to the
perfectly harmless
Hello Kitty Jellybean Watch, a
sweet little analogue cutie.

will sure turn heads. Just what every good little
saver needs – a pet who will courteously eat coins. It’s those
unnerving eyes I couldn’t quite live with though. But it’d make a novel gift for someone else.

I could definitely have
one of the Artmark Mugs around. I’m loving the tech-savvy
design of the handle. Grab one of these silly, sweet and chic gadgets
and watch the hilarity unfold. There’s something for every kind of kid.

Gizmine ships all over the world – Facebanks come in two sizes at US$44.99 and $79.99,
the Hello Kitty watch is $29.99, Poking Box $49.99 and the Artmugs $19.99.


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