Give the kids the ultimate cool ride this summer with toddler tints car window shades

Last summer our holiday road trip to Queensland involved several stops to attach some form of blanket to each of the children’s windows because “the sun is soooo bright!” If you saw a frustrated mother somewhere on the Newell Highway, wrestling with a blanket and trying to coordinate an electric car window to hold said blanket without losing a finger – that was me. There’s really no need to make do with such an inconvenience because two Aussie mums have come up with the perfect solution. Car shades that are simple to install, protect the kids, and are easy on the eye, too. If it’s summer in Australia – you need toddler tints. 

If you’ve been put off by pull-down window shades or slide-over covers, which tend to be more of a hazard for kids and drivers alike, you need to give toddler tints a go. They really are one of those clever creations that make you think: why didn’t someone come up with this sooner?

The two mums who came up with toddler tints realised there was nothing quite like them on the market. Not only are they easy to attach to windows, they can’t be seen from the outside (just check out the picture above). However, the kids get to look at a really gorgeous design (there are five to choose from). Style aside, toddler tints are the ultimate in sun protection for kids inside vehicles. Toddler tints protect against more than 50 per cent of UV rays, and help keep kids cooler.

The kids can still easily see out of their windows, and of course that means the driver can too, so there’s no concern about blind spots – even at night. And the window remains completely functional, so there’s no problem if you need to wind it down.

toddler tints1

The other brilliant feature of toddler tints is that they can be cut to size, so you can customise them to suit your car – they just adhere to the inside and don’t interfere with tinted windows, giving kids a ride free of heat and glare. So DVD and iPad screens will be easier to see, and your road trips will be more pleasant all round! Toddler tints are also really durable, so you can leave them on all year round, and they’re designed so they can’t be removed by little fingers. However, in a few years down the track, when no longer required they can be easily removed.

As you start dusting off the kids’ buckets and spades, and pulling the beach towels out of the cupboard, prepare your car by grabbing some toddler tints. It will mean a cooler ride, and hopefully happy little passengers who will be much more likely to stop asking, “Are we there yet?“.

toddler tints3

Each toddler tint measures 600mm (h) by 800mm (w), and this large sheet will be perfect for one window. Each pack costs $39.95 and can be purchased directly from toddler tints, or you can find a stockist near you.

(This is a sponsored post for toddler tints)

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