Give frustrated babies a hand with Baby Sign Language

Babies have one way to let us know how their feeling, right? Perhaps not!

Crying. It’s the most primal form of communication available to humans, and for babies it lets their carer know if they’re hungry, tired, have a dirty nappy, are sick, etcetera. And therein lies the confusion. Is it a cry of boredom? A scream for sleep? It can be utterly overwhelming for mums and dads. Signing Stars Baby Sign Language Kit is designed to give parents a leg up, by using hands as a language tool.

baby sign

Baby sign language is the use of gestures to communicate, before a baby develops the use of speech. It’s designed to help recognise their needs, wants and interests and it aims to reduce frustration, both on the part of parents and children. It’s designed to be taught to babies from around six to nine months – when they begin to interact. Take a look at the video below to see baby sign language in action.

Signing Stars is designed by three mums, and the products are endorsed by Deaf Australia as true Auslan. Their Baby Sign Language Learning Kit is packed with everything needed to go on the signing journey, including removable stickers to place around your home, a DVD Dictionary, flashcards and a fact sheet. It can be purchased directly from Shining Stars for $59.95.

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