Would you give a freezing child the coat off your back?

If you saw a needy child, freezing and cold, would you give them the coat off your back? Rather than leave you cold, this intriguing hidden camera experiment will warm your heart.


There’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about how we don’t like to get involved in other people’s business, about how we’re increasingly likely to pretend we don’t see things that make us feel uncomfortable. If you were confronted by someone in need, would you step in to help?


SOS Children’s Villages conducted a social experiment to see what would happen when a shivering child (who is an actor) was left alone at a bus stop in Oslo. He explains to the passers-by that his coat has been stolen, and he is waiting for his teacher. Would he be ignored? Take a look below.

It’s truly heartening to think that strangers would give up their own comfort, to ensure a child is warm. Out of the 25 people that shared the bus stop with the boy, only three didn’t offer any help. The video was created to draw attention to Syrian children who continue to face harsh conditions without warm clothes and shelter.


Babyologists, tell us your thoughts. What would you have done?

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