Give feeding mess the cold shoulder with the Bib n Burp

Bib n Burp


Bib n Burp

As mothers we’re used to juggling everything. Here’s something that can make at least one necessary task – feeding and burping – a whole lot easier, and a lot less messy.

Breastfeeding my children involved all manner of paraphernalia, for various reasons. I already felt like I was behind the eight ball, and then came the task of burping, which involved slinging a towel over my shoulder to ensure I remained somewhat respectable. Anything that could have eliminated a little of my frustration would have been welcomed with open arms – maybe something like the Bib n Burp.

Bib n Burp

It’s a bib and burp cloth in one – another one of those clever contraptions that causes a head-slapping moment while uttering the words “why didn’t I think of that?”. It’s ideal for both bottle or breastfed babies and has three layers of absorption to ensure there’s little chance of seepage. One layer is cotton, another is French terry and the third is bamboo and organic cotton filler.

The shape allows it to remain on bub after finishing a feed while also laying over your shoulder to protect your clothing. The Bib n Burp also has longevity to add to its list of benefits – it’s one size fits all, and that includes toddlers. My one-year-old can manage to get his dinner flung far and wide, so the size of this bib is perfect for self-feeding little ones.

Bib n Burp

And last but not least, the Bib n Burp comes in an array of bright and bold designs, most of which are unisex. The Bib n Burp costs US$28 from Mommapia, which delivers to Australia.

Bib n Burp


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