Gilmore Girls reboot! 10 times Rory and Lorelai were mother-daughter goals

rory and lorelai

Lorelai Gilmore is our kind of parent – flawed, witty, sharp-as-a-tack and chock completely full of good intentions and perfectly-crafted comebacks.

Not only is she focused on growing her daughter into a strong, independent woman, she’s more than happy to make mistakes along the way – straying back and forth over an invisible mum/best friend line, much to Gilmore Girls viewers’ delight.

Ahead of this week’s reboot of one of our very favourite shows, here’s ten times Lorelai and Rory perfectly combined their powers, as far as we’re concerned.

1. The time with the devilled eggs

Because of COURSE Rory and Lorelai are going to take egging to the next level and Jess’s confused response to having his car ‘devil-egged’ remains a favourite ‘how to deal with boys’ moment.

2. The time with the fortune telling

There IS nothing better than a dog in a turban telling fortunes, as far as we are concerned. You really MIGHT sing songs of gemstones. This ep proved anything was possible, if you could say it loudly and blame a dog.

The Doggy Swami

3. The times when they drank coffee for country

Gilmore Girls opens way back in the pilot episode illustrating just how serious Lorelai’s coffee addiction is. Needless to say she passed this on to her daughter. Good mumming right there. *nods* Be alert, Rory.

4. The times there were fashion fails

Let’s face it, this was pretty much every time. Let’s not forget, however, that Lorelai taught Rory to dress any old way she likes. Even if it means wearing Daisy Dukes to a school interview. (Admittedly that was not the original plan, but if in doubt, get dressed and get on with it.)

5. The times where friendship trumped everything

Lorelai and Sookie. Rory and Lane. Paris and Paris. Gilmore Girls was built on enduring, funny friendship and the Lorelai/Rory example is probably our fave.

6. The time they danced all night/day

Because Lorelai showed Rory that you must never, ever, ever give up. And also that Victory Rolls really need to make comeback.

7. The times when they ate cake

Because who doesn’t need cake? Cake is important. Many, many kinds of cake, if possible.

8. The times they sofa snacked

A culture of snacking and watching is so intrinsic to this show, it’s probably a-okay to refer to the practice as Gilmore-ing. If all’s lost, Rory and Lorelai teach us that a bit of Donna Reed and a few slices of pizza will bring things back into focus. #LifeLessons

9. The times they screwed up

Really, there are no mistakes in life, but Rory and Lorelai made a few bracing turns over the seven seasons and it made us feel a lot better about our own clumsy lives, didn’t it?

10. The times they realised dreams

The DragonFly Inn. College. The exact right order of chilli fries. The Gilmores showed us that not only can you achieve your dreams, you can switch them around a bit as you evolve.


The Gilmore Girls reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life airs on Netflix from 7pm (Melbourne, Sydney time) on Friday 25th November.

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