Get your nursery floor covered with a Youlka Design rug

Youlka Design puzzle rug

Youlka design rooster rug

One of my earliest memories is of my mum vacuuming and being none too pleased that she had to stop as she sucked up yet another piece of Lego from our living room carpet. I can’t imagine what she would say about this rug, but the kid inside me thinks it is oh so cool.

This is just one of a truly innovative collection of rugs by French company Youlka Design.

Each playful design is essentially two layers of wool felt, with the top one laser cut so that the coloured pieces are removable like a giant puzzle. They’re beautifully made and hand-dyed with gorgeous colours and several patterns to choose from. Great for a playroom, they do look amazing and would keep little fingers busy for hours.

Youlka Design Cars Rug

I’d have to go for the big ‘Heaven’ jigsaw rug rather than the multitude of itsy bitsy pieces in the Cars design, even if they do come with a little bag to keep them all in. I mean, can you imagine the vacuuming?! Then there’s the cost – at €1998 plus shipping for the Cars rug, you really wouldn’t want to be losing any bits.

This creative carpeting is not available locally at the moment, but we’ve found the Cars rug online at Cosmoligne, or contact Youlka Design directly for further information.

Youlka Design puzzle rug

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