How do you get an overdue baby out? With a lawyer and an eviction notice

Forget the fit ball, spicy curry and sex. Turns out, all you need to get an overdue baby out is to take legal action.

Any mum who has gone past her due date understands how frustrating waiting for baby can be. And, while babies will decide to come out of the uterus when they are good and ready, Washington real estate lawyer and eager-daddy-to-be, Jake Kempton decided he would try and speed things along, the only way he knows how – by serving his unborn daughter an eviction notice.

eviction notice2 evictionnotice 3

The father originally drafted up the eviction notice from a legal template as a bit of fun after friends continued to ask him if his wife had given birth yet.

“Someone joked, ‘You need to evict her’ and I thought, ‘Why not? My wife could use some humour right now’,” Jake says.

So, did the eviction notice work? Just three hours after the Notice to Quit the Premises was “served,” Jake and his wife, Ellisha, welcomed their third child, daughter, Pepper Dee Kempton into the world.

Jake may be the first lawyer  who has legally evicted someone from a womb but it looks like he may be on to something.

“If I could figure out a way to ethically market a ‘baby eviction’ service, I would probably be able to put my kids through college and retire early,” Jake says.

Throw away the fit balls, overdue mums. Perhaps all you need is a good lawyer in your birth plan.

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