Nutella bacon, Nutella crepes and Nutella crumpets, oh my! And it’s all deliciously free!

Nothing could be sweeter to a Nutella fanatics ears than maybe these two words – free Nutella. A Nutella food truck has hit the road and we’re telling you where you can get your fill of the chocolate hazelnut spread!


Picture this. The most enchanting food truck you ever did see complete with a menu line up of stellar Nutella laden creations include a good ol’ fashioned crumpet with Nutella and strawberries – a fantastic choice for mild fans. For those who really want to show their dedication, jump right in the deep end devouring crepes and crispy bacon covered in Nutella. Or perhaps to the more refined fan, the Masterchef worthy mandarin with Nutella and toasted hazelnuts will be more up their street. Whatever your flavour, it can be found at this silver bullet of a food truck, covered in Nutella.


If ever there’s been a time for a spontaneous road trip with the kids Babyologists, it’s now. The Nutella truck continues to roll around New South Wales this week, before heading into Victoria on June 23, winding up the 2016 tour in Geelong on June 28. Check the Nutella Facebook page for all the road trip dates and locations to plan your tasty adventure!

Just to be clear, no matter how big of a fan you are of the delicious choc hazelnut spread, the Nutella food truck isn’t an all you can eat buffet. Menu items are limited to one dish per person – and you best be patient and prepared to wait your turn with what a crowd all hanging for a sugar laden freebie something.

For more Nutella delights in your corner of the country, check our recent post on the best Nutella dishes being served in Aussie eateries.

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