Get a handle on thumb sucking with Thumbs Out

Thumbs Out

Thumbs Out

My one-year-old is a finger sucker – and I’ve had relatives tell me he’ll have buck teeth if he continues the habit (aren’t relatives helpful!). As yet, I’m more than happy to allow him the small comfort sucking his fingers brings him as a drifts off to sleep, but I may rethink the situation in a couple of years. If you’re at the stage where you’re trying to discourage thumb-sucking, here’s a nifty gadget that may help.

The Thumbs Out may look like a complicated contraption, but its aim is simple – to break the habit of thumb sucking. It works on two principles, the first is breaking the habit. The second is taking the pleasure out of thumb sucking, by making it impossible for the child to create a seal around their thumb while sucking.

Thumbs Out

Thumb sucking is a contentious issue, and one of the many parenting debates that polarises. There’s a raft of information for parents on the Thumbs Out Australia website about the rationale behind the Thumbs Out principles. The product is suited to children over the age of three and comes with wristbands so it can be adjusted to suit the varying sizes of children’s wrists.

Thumbs Out

It’s made in Australia using soft, opaque, non-toxic and durable plastic material. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large, but is also based on the size of the child, so it’s best to refer to the sizing guide.

Thumbs Out

The kit comes with two Thumbs Out, sixty wrist bands and written instructions for $99.95 plus postage, and can be order directly through Thumbs Out Australia.

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