Sensible German authorities ban silly parents from calling newborn satanic name

Baby dressed as devil

The parents of one little boy are a bit miffed these days, after German officials suggested naming their little one “Lucifer” was not in the child’s best interests.

Computer says “no”

When the baby’s parents went to register their tot’s name, alarm bells quite rightly rang. The worried registrar sought a court ruling on their choice, suspecting that the name could endanger the child’s wellbeing.

Things didn’t get quite as far as formal court proceedings, it would seem. A spokesperson for the German court in Kassel, Matthias Grund, told newspaper Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine a closed-door hearing resulted in the parents-in-question reconsidering their choice.

They were apparently brought to their senses, dumping their evil misguided Lucifer plan, opting for the gentler “Lucian” for their (tiny, innocent, non-Satan-y) little boy, instead.

Associated Press (AP) reports that the registration of German baby names is at the court’s discretion.

“Authorities in Germany can decide not to accept names for children though there is no outright ban on any specific names,” AP explains.

“The right of the parents to choose a first name is only limited if it adversely affects the welfare of the child. The state has a right and a duty to protect the child from an irresponsible name choice,” the Library of Congress site confirms, of German naming laws.

Bye-bye, Lucifer

In Australia, “Satan” is a no-go for fresh, new babies, however “Lucifer” doesn’t seem to explicitly appear on the “banned name” list. That said, Australian States and Territories have their own rules around naming.

Victoria, for instance, states that “names that are obscene or offensive can’t be registered,” going on to clarify that “words that degrade accepted standards of morality and decency Victoria also outlaws names that may be contrary to public interest, saying “there are two ways a name can be contrary to the public interest. Firstly it may be deceptive, confusing or misleading. Secondly, it may be offensive to a person or group.”

It’s probable that locally “Lucifer” would face rejection, in Victoria at the very least, under these sensible naming rules.

Better luck next time, Satan fans!

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