Genius mum’s “milksicle” hack is bringing all the teething babies to the yard

Tasia Blackwell's baby Steven

A US mum has actually, honestly, categorically nearly broken the internet with this clever idea for keeping teething pain at bay – and keeping babies very, very happy in the process!

Posted by Tasia Edwards on Friday, 2 June 2017

Behold, The Milksicle!

Tasia Blackwell, of Oregon in the US, is unofficially Mum of the Year, as voted by all the upset and sore-gummed babies of the world and their sleep-deprived, wits-end parents.

Tasia came up with the simple hack of turning her breast milk into a popsicle and we’re wondering why we didn’t think of this ourselves. Dubbed the “Milksicle” by the mum in question, it’s certain to bring all the teething babies to the yard and turn their frowns completely upside down (as illustrated by baby Steven!)

Tasia shared her genius ways on Facebook a couple of days ago and global enthusiasm for the babies-only icy treat quickly reached fever pitch! While many have navigated frozen teething rings and other pain-relieving preparations, this idea seemed to strike a chord with its easy and effective smarts.


Posted by Tasia Edwards on Friday, 2 June 2017

How to Milksicle

“The milksicles are a hit!” Tasia posted alongside the clip of her ridiculously beautiful 6-month-old baby boy masterfully taking pain relief and snack time into his own cute baby hands.

She also posted a clearer shot of the popsicle of the moment and another image detailing her careful storage system, in case anyone should ask/critique.

“When your son is absolutely devouring his Milksicle,” Tasia captioned the now-world-famous series of captures. She can be heard laughing in the background as she captures baby Steven’s – and her own – delight for posterity. And laugh she should, because the clever and helpful mum’s hack has gone insanely viral in just a couple of days, clocking up over 18 million views and 225,447 shares on Facebook.

Click play on the video above and you can experience for yourself just how soothing the Milksicle is to little gums. 

Take a bow, Tasia! Genius!

Posted by Tasia Edwards on Friday, 2 June 2017


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