Gay dads star in new ad after viral photo furore


When gay dads Kordale and Kaleb took this photo while doing their daughters’ hair a year ago, they could never have imagined the reaction it would get.

After they posted it to Instagram and it went viral, they copped a homophobic backlash on Twitter – but also plenty of support.

Now, their family is in the spotlight again for a new Nikon camera campaign. As part of I Am Generation Image, the company sent cameras to seven people “with something to say” to help them “make their mark”.

Kordale and Kaleb used the camera to take photos of their family’s day-to-day life, which can be seen on the campaign’s website along with a video.

“Last year, we were surprised when a picture of us doing our daughters’ hair went viral. To us, that’s just part of our morning routine. With our images, we want to share our family’s life – and maybe reveal how much our family is like yours,” Kordale and Kaleb’s video introductions says.

kordale and caleb

The couple tell the Huffington Post their life has changed dramatically since their picture became an internet sensation.

“We feel that there are a lot of people looking at us as an example within the LGBTQ community — which is an awesome thing,” they say. “There will be those people who do not agree and will post negative comments or snarl their faces, but there are (many) more people who do agree and commend us as fathers and community activists.

“There are a lot of people who do not know us and assume the worst about our parenthood! Some people feel that our children are confused because their mother is not involved, which is not true. For example, a lot of people do not know the mother of our children and the relationship we have with her. Recently she moved to Atlanta and she sees the kids more than twice a month. “

They say they want to teach their three daughters about diversity and equality, and to love and embrace differences.

“We instil in our children equality despite the inequality we have received as gay men through things such as marriage laws. Our children are ready for us to wed but they do not truly grasp the reasons … we are not allowed to get married as two men who love one another in our home state of Georgia – this is the real injustice. However, we will still inculcate great characteristics upon our children that will help make this a better and unbiased world,” they tell Huffington Post.

(Images via Instagram, I Am Generation Image)

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

Michelle is a journalist and mum to two girls who are obsessed with dinosaurs, fairies, pirates and princesses in equal measure. She lives in Melbourne's east with her husband, daughters and a giant, untameable labradoodle. Michelle loves all things vegetarian, wine (it's a fruit) and online shopping.

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