Garbo & Friends for clever teats and bottles!

Finding the perfect baby bottle is much like discovering gold at the end of the rainbow, and this wide necked gem from Garbo & Friends is making us feel like we’ve just struck it lucky!

We’re busily celebrating finding the ever gorgeous Garbo & Friends bottles here at Babyology HQ – not only are they cleverly designed – they’re ridiculously cute with their sweet vintage look fish and beetle prints.

Garbo & Friends wide neck bottles in Fishes and Beetle designs are packed in pairs in the Wide Neck Bottle Set, complete with a set of spare teats, so there’s one to use and one to wash. Teats are anti-allergenic and silicone, designed to prevent colic and mimic a mother’s natural nipple which (with any luck) is happily accepted by your hungry baby.

Three teat flows are available to suit all babies, choose from beginner (newborn to three months) to medium flow (three to six months) and pro flow (six months and up). The bottles themselves are free of any nasties or toxins, made from PES, a premium grade BPA-free material, ensuring these bottles will stand the test of time – and being washed a hundred times over!

The Wide Neck Bottle Set is priced €32 and can be purchased direct from Garbo & Friends.


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