Gap Kids UK’s new children’s clothing collection branded sexist

A new Gap Kids UK clothing range that labels boys as scholars and girls as social butterflies has caused a social media furore, with parents quick to throw their own label at the clothing giant – sexist.

The controversial clothing line includes a boy’s outfit with a photo of Albert Einstein and an accompanying advertisement telling boys, “your future starts here”, while the girl’s alternative, with silver kitten ears and a big pink G, tells girls they’ll be “the talk of the playground”.

But critics say both the clothes and Gap’s marketing campaign are fuelling gender stereotypes, pushing the harmful – and outdated – subliminal message that boys are smart and girls frivolous.

Let Toys Be Toys, a campaign dedicated to stopping toys and books from being promoted towards one gender over another, had this to say.

And in another embarrassing blow to the fast fashion giant, some people have pointed out that the t-shirt has a rather glaring spelling error.

Gap UK has remained silent amid the barrage of social media criticism. But times are changing and other retailers have been applauded for accepting boys and girls should no longer be divided into superheroes and princesses or pink and blue.

Some, including Target, are even removing the gender-based signage from their stores.

What do you think?

(via bandt)

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