Gangnam Style wake-up gets toddler to his feet

As parents, we often have to come up with some creative ways to get our children to do anything. In the absence of a manual we have to pay attention to our little one’s quirks and interests and figure out for ourselves what works.

And just occasionally it produces absolute gold, perfect for a future 21st birthday party and… well… Youtube.

That’s exactly what US toddler Parker Shaw’s parents discovered when trying to find a way to wake him up.

They enlisted the help of their son’s favourite dance tune, Gangnam Style.

With more than 7000 views, the hilarious video falls a little short of the many billions clocked up by Psy’s 2012 global hit but is still very cute.

Check it out for yourself.


Parker’s mum Ann, 35, says she and her husband use the song every morning.

“This is a daily routine for us now – he has to wake up early for language lessons but it’s a real struggle,” she tells The Daily Mail.

“As soon as we start playing Gangnam Style, his whole body starts dancing and he’s up in seconds.

“It’s the only song that works.”

(via The Daily Mail)

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