Game of Thrones parenting recap – season six finale (aka the best episode ever)

Warning – spoilers are here. And they are good enough to ignite an entire Citadel. So run like wild fire if you haven’t seen season six, episode 10 of Game of Thrones yet. 

Rarely have I sat down and watched an hour and seven minutes of a television program and had goosebumps the entire time. Last night (and also this morning because my kids woke up halfway through the episode), I can say without a doubt that I did.

Why? Because this epic season finale was a wild one!

Winter is here; wildfire is here; and dragons are coming. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for since the Red Wedding. And it is finally happening.

episode 10 got

George R.R. Martin did an excellent job of killing off most of the main characters this episode. Here’s a few who won’t be returning next season:

  • Margaery Tyrell, her brother Loras, and her father Mace
  • King Tommen Baratheon
  • Grand Maester Pycelle
  • Walder Frey and two of his sons
  • The High Sparrow, Brother Lancel Lannister, and a whole lot of other Sparrows

But many of our favourites have survived the wrath of the wild fire. And almost every corner of Westeros is now under the control of a female. What a way to end a season!


King’s Landing

It’s a grand day in King’s Landing as everyone dons their finest attire for the trial of Cersei and Sir Loras. The High Sparrow has even put on his best potato sack for the occasion. But, as always, Cersei and her smirk have another plan.

Loras admits to his crimes and is tarnished as Margaery watches on in horror. Maester Pycelle is murdered by the children of the corn and Cersei pretty much blows everyone to oblivion with green wild fire. Cersei and Daenerys seem to have a lot in common these days.

But things don’t always go to plan, as all parents know, and Cersei’s only remaining child, King Tommen, chooses to jump out the window rather than face life without his Queen Margaery. Talk about a rough King’s landing.

And, thus, the only person left to reign over Westeros is Cersei Lannister, First of her Name, Ruler of the Red Wine, Sovereign of the Smirk and now, Queen of the Iron Throne.

That’s one point to the females.

Parenting lesson #1 – No mother should have to bury her child, but life goes on, even when all seems lost. 


got ep 10 jon

With Jon Snow and Sansa Stark ruling the North, the red flowers have returned to the magic tree and things are finally looking up. The Red Witch is banished and a white raven arrives with the phrase we’ve all been waiting for: Winter is here.

Sansa gives us another surge of girl power as she gently breaks Little Finger’s twisted heart and chooses to reign beside her brother instead. Good choice, Sansa.

We then head to the grand hall where Child Mormont convinces everyone to stand by her man and we are hit with even more girl power awesomeness and an incredible surge of adoration for Jon Snow. Seriously, could this man please just come to Australia and marry me already?

Parenting lesson # 2 – Raise your daughters proud –  confidence is everything. 

North of the Wall in Bran’s Head

got episode 10

It’s a scene we’ve all been waiting for – Bran’s vision back to the Tower of Joy (which, let’s face it, should have been revealed in episode three). But this time we get what we want – the truth about Jon Snow’s parents. And, yes, R+L=J. It’s fairly well confirmed that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

Before Lyanna dies she begs her older brother to keep her secret, whispering, “If Robert finds out he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him. Promise me Ned. Promise me.”

Parenting lesson # 3 – A promise is something you never break, especially when it’s one asked by your sister. 

The Twins

Walder Frey is in a party mood as he hosts an elegant and awkward affair to celebrate the Frey/Lannister reunion. As the party ends and Walter prepares for his lunch with his two “useless” sons, the serving girl reveals that they are already here.

Wait, what?

That’s right. The serving girl, who turns out to be Arya Stark, has put her baking skills to good use and carved them into a hot pie. She then cuts his throat and we all let out a happy (yet rather queasy) cheer. That’s another point to House Stark and the females of Westeros.

Parenting lesson # 4 – Check references before hiring the help.  


The women of Dorne have returned and this time they are greeted by Olenna Tyrell who is now one of my favourite characters ever; her one-liners are brilliant. After losing pretty much her entire family in the wild fire incident she has a mission – ruin the Lannisters once and for all and sass anyone who isn’t relevant to her plan.

“What is your name again? Barbara?” Olenna asks one of the Dorne sisters. “You look like an angry little boy. Let the real women speak.”


Parenting lesson # 5 – You’re never too old to be awesome. 



Before Daenerys can set sail with her army (including Tyrion, the three dragons, Yara, Theon, Grey Worm and Varys – who was literally in Dorne 10 minutes ago) she breaks up with her toy boy, Daario and names Tyrion the Hand of the Queen. I guess size (and swords) really don’t matter.

And thus, the Starks are back in the North. The Lannisters are in King’s Landing. The Faith of the Seven are dead.  And the waters are afloat with a thousand ships of Dornes, Greyjoys, Dothraki, Targaryens and dragons ready to battle for Westeros.


Parenting lesson # 6 – Patience, kids, is everything! And season seven is going to be insane! 

got ep 10 dragons

Well, mums and dads, that’s the end of this season of Game of Thrones but check out our GoT portal for all our parenting recaps and stay tuned for next season when we will be back for more.

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